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The selection process of any vendor is an intensive process. You need to find the right balance of expertise, services available, and how they fit into your business’ budget. It’s no different when looking for a qualified managed IT service provider. Much like hiring a new employee, a few key qualifications should help you gauge the worth of the provider. Knowing what to look for is the hard part. Let’s go over a few of the significant things to look for when selecting a managed IT service provider.

Industry Experience

Whether it’s a new employee or a vendor you are doing business with, you expect them to have experience in their respective industry. When you look for a managed IT service provider, you want them to showcase a certain level of technological expertise. After all, these will be the people who will be responsible for keeping your organization’s network and infrastructure operational. While you want the company to have experience with businesses like yours, you want to make sure the staff is well trained too. It’s worth talking to the company’s representative about the IT professionals they hire.

Quicker Response Times

No matter the technical issue, be it your whole network or an individual workstation, you want to have it resolved fast. Any downtime, no matter how long, is lost revenue for a business. You want your employees to get back to work as quickly as possible. Having a reliable IT service provider adds value to your organization if it offers fast response times. This can be measured by wait times, how long an employee as to wait in a queue (if there is one), and how long it takes for the staff to respond to an online ticket. These aren’t the only ones, but they offer a glimpse into how quickly your staff will get their technical issues resolved.

Scope of Service

When you look for a managed IT service provider, you need to consider the services they offer. It may seem great to find a service provider that does one thing well, but what about the other aspects of your network and infrastructure? A well-rounded IT service provider will be much more efficient and useful to your organization. You’ll have one company managing your entire network, without the need to remember which one services what part. You never know what kinds of technical issues your business will face. You’ll want an IT service provider that can handle them, from a simple computer fix to disaster recovery.

On-Site Services

For the most part, a lot of the technical issues your employees will encounter can be resolved remotely. Things like resetting a password or fixing a connectivity problem. With that said, there will be a time when a specialist will have to visit your office. Knowing the IT service provider’s on-site services should be a consideration. After all, you don’t want to find out they won’t make on-site emergency visits at the worst possible time.

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