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Before about five years ago, many of the devices around your home and office were kind of dumb. This isn’t an insult. It wasn’t anything they did. The device had one function, and it did that well. Then more devices started connecting to the Internet. They began communicating with each other. The device that, at one time, had a single job now plays a more significant role in your personal and professional life. This is the Internet of Things and how you live, and work is going to change forever.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a vast network of physical devices that collect and share data through the Internet. These are devices that wouldn’t typically connect to the Internet, so this excludes computers and smartphones. The goal of IoT is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world to make the home and office more efficient for the user. What does the future hold for the Internet of Things? Let’s take a look.

Demand for Wearables will Dwindle, but Marketers will Benefit

It’s estimated that over 12 million smartwatches will be sold by the end of 2018. Even so, market research firm Forrester predicts that wearables will remain a niche. This is due to the limited practical uses of wearables. The interfaces of smartwatches are very user-friendly, but there may not be much use for them in a professional setting.

IoT will be Included in Design and Integration Planning
The way in which IoT devices collect and disseminate information will remain the same. What will change is a greater focus on designing around these capabilities. The software used behind the scenes will improve to make the overall experience better for the user. The same can be said about the infrastructure. This will make managing the devices a whole lot easier as well.

Is the Internet of Things Growing too Fast?
The growth of connected devices has raised concerns about security. When these devices are brought into the workplace, those concerns grow even more. The Internet of Things is no stranger to being vulnerable to attacks. Having such a large number of devices communicating with each other over the Internet brings the fear of a major connected device botnet. This botnet could communicate and distribute an attack, such as malware or other viruses, between networks.

Because of this, your business will need to have a strategy to deal with IoT devices in your office. It could include limiting what devices are allowed or avoiding the threat altogether by restricting employees from using them. Whatever your decision, you need a plan.

To make sure you have the right plan in place, reach out to IT Support Guys. We offer a free network assessment to get an all-encompassing view of your network and connected devices. This assessment allows us to build a network management and security strategy customized to your business’ needs. To schedule your free assessment today, give one of our specialists a call at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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