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Nobody enjoys packing for trips. You have to plan for all types of weather and run the risk of packing too much or too little. When you travel for work, you have the same frustrations about your devices. You can take them all and risk losing them or pack a few and not have the right device when you need it. Then you have to make sure you’re securely connecting to the Internet while using them. A lot of stress for a few days away. Today we are going to look at how to maximize your productivity while getting away from the office.


Your employees can be just as productive away from the office as they can while at the office. This includes while they are traveling. When your employees hit the road, they may bring along with them the devices they need to be productive. The more devices they take with them leads to a greater chance of them, and the critical information stored on them, being stolen.
If your employees are traveling for work, they need to understand how to keep those devices secure. The best way to do this is to make sure they limit the number of devices they take with them. Tablets and laptops allow for the individual to be productive, but they are also great targets for thieves. If they insist on taking a laptop, look into smaller computers like a Chromebook or MacBook Air that are both portable and powerful.
A laptop might not even be necessary. Smartphones have advanced to the point that they can do a lot of the same functions a basic laptop can. Even a phone that’s a few years old is packed with features that can allow your employees to communicate and be productive.


Since your employees have brought their devices with them for work, they need a way to access the necessary apps and data to work. Either in their hotel or a local coffee shop, your employees will have access to an Internet connection, so connecting shouldn’t be an issue. However, these networks are always the most secure. For your jet-setting employees to securely connect to your company’s network, you’ll want to implement a virtual private network. A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel to send and receive data. Only devices on either end of the connection can decrypt and fully utilize the data.
Sometimes having access to just apps and data isn’t enough. Occasionally, employees need to collaborate or have a meeting to complete a project. There are plenty of conferencing apps that can connect employees while they are out of the office.
Another way teams can stay in touch while apart is with the plethora of cloud-based collaboration tools. Employees can share files and chat to produce quality work.
If your business is in need of remote access technology or collaborative solutions, give IT Support Guys a call today at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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