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We’ll forgive you if, when you hear the term virtualization, you think of virtual reality and video games. The word invokes an image of the next generation of entertainment. As you might guess from all the other posts we have on our site, we are referring to a concept used in a business’ technical infrastructure. At first, virtualization is a bit confusing, but when you strip away a few of the more advanced details, the overall idea is much easier to understand.

Defining Virtualization

Virtualization is just a digital replication of a physical resource on a business’ infrastructure, think a server, desktop, operating system, or storage solution. This replication is then placed into a cloud-based infrastructure. Storing it in the cloud allows for the systems to be deployed in a scalable manner. So, when the business grows, these fundamental systems will be available. By utilizing a piece of technology called hypervisor software, the physical resource (the host) can be divided into virtual machines (the guests).
So, how does it work? The guests draw on the resources provided by the host as they are needed. This way of system operation gives them more functionality than they can receive from any single piece of hardware. If you want to get the most out of your technology, virtualization is the best way to go. To make it even more beneficial, virtualization can decrease the capital spent on your business’ infrastructure in the long term.

The Types of Virtualization

There are many different types of virtualization, and all of them have their own uses in a business setting:

  • Data: Allows your business to collect information and have it securely stored in one location where it can then be dispersed among your employees when needed.
  • Operating System: Have the ability to host multiple operating systems onto one server.
  • Desktop: Allows for the replication of desktops to be opened as needed.
  • Server: A single server can operate as multiple servers.
  • Network: Transform one network into multiple, isolated networks.

Virtualization seems pretty great, doesn’t it? IT Support Guys can help your business implement this, and so many more, network management solutions. Ready for your organization to take the next step in business technology? Call and talk with a specialist today to schedule your free technology assessment at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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