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Managed IT Services for Tampa Bay Businesses

Imagine running your business free of technical difficulties – employees are productive, customers are delighted, meetings never lose connection, and your operation is more efficient than ever. It’s possible!

If your business is experiencing system downtime, inefficient networks, intermittent wireless connectivity, dropped calls, software and hardware issues, or your technology just hasn’t kept pace with your business needs and market demands. It’s time to bring IT Support Guys.

Working with IT Support Guys enables your team to gain instant access to an entire team of experts with diverse skill sets and levels of expertise from tier 1 help desk support specialists to cloud architects and CIOs, at a predictable monthly price. Best of all – you receive unlimited IT support. Performance is everything in business – check out our KPIs for Tampa.

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Proactive IT Services for Tampa, Clearwater, & St. Pete

Whether you’re located near a world-class beach or in downtown Tampa’s booming Water Street and Channelside districts, IT Support Guys provides businesses the vital IT support and expertise required to remain competitive in today’s digital-first economy.

Our proactive onsite and remote tech support enables us to quickly diagnose and resolve an array of IT-related issues that pop up out of nowhere. With in-person expertise and hands-on access to your physical and digital IT infrastructure, a local IT support company is the best way to prevent downtime, increase productivity, and ensure your systems are running smoothly. Focus on running your business – we’ll handle IT.

Unlock Opportunity with Technology

Technology is making it possible for SMBs to compete against the Goliaths of their industry. We’ll show you how you can too.

Focus On Growing Your Organization

You have deadlines to crush and clients to delight. We'll handle your IT so you can focus on revenue-generating initiatives, not tech.

Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

IT-related setbacks consume 22 minutes of an average workday, keep employees happy, engaged and more productive with less IT stress.

Business IT Support for Tampa Bay

Local IT Support for Tampa Businesses

Virus and Malware Removal

If a virus or malware has compromised your computer or network, your company's data and employee information could be at risk. Viruses and malware not only threaten the security of your organization but can trigger long-lasting financial challenges, harm your company image, credibility with clients or prospects, and bring your business to a grinding halt.

We'll identify and remove any viruses, spyware, and malware from your PC or Mac computer, then run a complete network assessment to ensure the malicious threat has not compromised your network.

Managed Network Services

When the clock is ticking, network repair can't wait. Whether you're battling printers that will not respond, a slow network, internet and wireless connection issues, or network hardware failure. Little problems in your network can quickly become huge issues that impact your ability to service customers, productivity, and undermine your business reputation.

IT Support Guys is Tampa's leading managed network service provider. We'll fix your network and get your team back online fast! Remove downtime with our network repair professionals.

Data Recovery Services

Data is the most valuable asset to your business but when a hard drive fails, it’s enough to make anyone want to panic. Relax, IT Support Guys’ data recovery services have helped hundreds of clients in the Tampa Bay area recover from a data loss event. Whether from server failure, a lost RAID array, database failure, accidental deletion, or a mishap with your laptop, we’ll run a free diagnostic and quickly recover your data so you can get back to work and stop worrying.

Don’t be defeated by data loss! Not only will we recover your data, we’ll help you prevent future data loss using our backup solutions.

Server Repair Services

Servers are the heart of your network and business operations, when a server fails to boot, respond or cannot meet performance demands, it can feel like a heart attack. IT Support Guys can immediately dispatch an engineer to diagnose your server issues, repair, and backup or recover your server to prevent data loss to prevent recurring issues. Our certified technicians can have most servers online within an hour or less.

We always have technicians ready and able to dispatch immediately, get the support you need within an hour.

Network Security

The modern threat landscape is riddled with horror stories of people that have fallen victim to software vulnerabilities, hackers, and insider threats like disgruntled employees. Most data breaches are preventable with the right support. IT Support Guys can help you implement a zero-trust network architecture and the proper security measures. From viruses and spyware to ransomware and coordinated corporate espionage by competitors seeking to steal intellectual property, businesses in Tampa face an existential threat without the proper network support and safeguards in place. Partner with a local team of cybersecurity professionals that specialize in protecting small and medium-sized businesses against emerging threats.

Disaster Recovery Services

IT Support Guys combines the entire process of disaster recovery into a single service. Leverage our data backup, storage, design, testing, monitoring, restoration, failover, and reporting services at a competitive price to protect your business. Rest easy knowing when the day comes to recover your data. We can recover any file, application or database right away. If your business was hit by a data loss event or a local disaster, we’ll work with your team to salvage your existing systems and recover any lost data, files or program databases. Then we’ll help you craft the best disaster recovery solution tailored to your needs so that you never have to experience the stress of worrying about your critical information.

Managed IT Services for Your Industry

Leverage Technology to Lead Your Industry

IT Support for Hospitality Businesses in Tampa

Hospitality and tourism are the heart at the heart of the Tampa economy. Business is booming! Executives in the Hospitality industry understand customer expectations are at the highest they’ve ever been. Patrons demand a connected experience from the moment they walk into your establishment. IT Support Guys supports some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts in the Tampa Bay, work with a partner that understands your unique needs, challenges and priorities.

Healthcare Managed IT Services

The Tampa area has emerged as Florida’s fastest-growing life sciences industry leader. While that’s great news for everyone, it means that medical practices and healthcare organizations are a major target for cancerous cybercriminals who seek to profit by distributing ransomware and holding your patient data hostage. Between an increase in demand, a growing existential threat from ransomware, and HIPAA compliance – it’s a never-ending battle to protect your IT infrastructure and patient’s sensitive ePHI. Healthcare IT should protect and enhance your patient’s experience – not hinder it. Our Managed Healthcare IT Services enable your physicians, nurses, and administrative staff to focus on delivering better outcomes and delivering world-class patient experiences. When your practice runs better, your patients feel it.

IT Support for Tampa Law Firms

Florida’s surplus of lawyers is creating fierce competition in the legal arena. Many law practices are being forced to adjust fees, get scrappy and find cost-effective solutions to manage not only operations but client acquisition. IT Support Guys works with many law firms in the Tampa area, we’re here to help your team evolve and leverage technology to become more efficient and secure while reducing your IT overhead. Whether you need to simplify document management, strengthen your cybersecurity defenses to ensure client confidentiality and compliance or implement a more robust case management software, IT Support Guys will help your legal team leverage tech as a competitive advantage.

Tampa Smart Manufacturing IT Services

As a manufacturer, you thrive or stagnate by your ability to optimize processes and reign greater efficiencies from each department – from the shop floor to the warehouse and back office. That’s where IT Support Guys steps in, we help organizations of all sizes leverage technology and implement smart manufacturing that improves your bottom line. We’ll help you create a 360° view across business units, leverage business intelligence (BI), quality management and ERP platforms to drive innovation, cut costs, improve quality and enhance productivity.

IT Support for Media & Entertainment Companies

Businesses in the media and entertainment industry have an abundance of large files to share and store – not to mention tight deadlines, high expenses, and the constant threat of data breaches. You need a network that can handle the intense demands of an M&E company. IT Support Guys will design and manage the network you need to support 4K live editing, high-end storage, and quick collaboration – wherever your team members may be. We’ll help you leverage the flexibility, scalability, and power of the cloud to achieve your business goals. Our managed services and global connectivity make it possible for you to scale your media and entertainment services quickly and affordably — without downtime.

Florida Legal Cannabis IT Support

With the third-largest population in the US and the second-fastest-growing medical marijuana market, Florida presents ripe opportunities for investors and green market entrepreneurs. But in a young legal cannabis market like ours, many dispensaries are quickly finding out the crucial role that technology plays in their success, security, and ability to sustain compliance. Our legal cannabis clients enjoy the cost-effective and complete IT services, from network design and implementing security safeguards, to integrating seed-to-sale POS software, we handle everything IT-related. Focus on delivering the best customer experience to grow your business; we’ll handle your tech.

Consumer Goods Tech Support

There’s a shift occurring in the consumer goods market – and innovative technology is the driving force. Big data, rapidly evolving applications, and tech-savvy customers are dramatically changing the way retail companies produce and distribute goods. Success for CPG companies is dependent on efficiency and performance. IT Support People provides the retail IT support your company requires to standardize your systems, minimize expenses, and provide the experience consumers need. From CPG business applications and manufacturing processes to data system integrations, IT Support Guys will help revolutionize your business’s relationship with technology.

Financial Services IT Consulting

Today’s financial and accounting firms are built around the customer – they trust you with their confidential data and count on you to keep it safe. To protect your customers’ information and retain their trust, you need financial IT solutions that are secure, accessible, efficient, and affordable. That’s a tall order, especially when security risks, industry regulations, and economic conditions frequently change. Leverage IT Support Guys to ensure your critical systems are always online, secure, and compliant. Credibility is everything in the financial industry; don’t let even one incident tarnish your brand and reputation. We’ll also help your business stay lean by outsourcing monotonous, time-consuming tasks to efficiency experts.

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Serving Businesses Near You

Response times are everything when your business and employees are facing an IT-related issue. That’s why our Tampa HQ is ideally positioned on Rocky Point. We can have a technician onsite within minutes. Whether you’re located in Tampa, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg – rest easy know we’ll be there to resolve and prevent downtime fast.

As Tampa’s IT experts, we’ve worked with hundreds of business across the Tampa Bay area. We know what your business needs and what your competitors have. Let us design a comprehensive IT strategy leveraging our fully-integrated managed solutions to eliminate downtime and give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to thrive.

Contact us today to begin your journey with exemplary Tampa IT services.

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Helpful Technology Resources for Tampa

Internet Service Provider in Tampa Bay

Selecting the right internet service provider (ISP) can be a time-consuming process. After all, ISPs vary widely in their access, speed, reliability, range of services, pricing and technical support quality. Questions like “how much bandwidth will my employees need?” or “how many static IP addresses do I need?” need to be addressed. Aside from bandwidth needs, small and medium-sized businesses need to consider the average yearly downtime of each ISP, potential data caps, contract length, and service level agreement of each ISP.

Experiencing a Power Outage in Tampa?

Operations cease without electricity. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing power. IT Support Guys is here to help serve you, contact Southern Florida Edison below to check for outages and more information if you are experiencing a power outage in Tampa.

Tampa Electric

Report an Outage:

Business Support:

View Current Power Outages

Tampa Electric (Tampa)

Report an Outage:

Business Support:
1- 866-582-6345

View Current Power Outages

Have you experienced intermittent power issues or electricity flickers that reset your workstations and IT hardware?

Power outages are one of the top reasons data loss occurs. Electrical flickers that cause a temporary loss of power can take down your IT infrastructure including desktops, servers, internet access points, and place unnecessary strain on your technology that can lead to system failure or reduce the lifespan of your devices.

What’s the solution to prevent data loss and downtime from temporary power outages? Purchase an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), this critical device provides emergency power during temporary power outages and if necessary, shut down your hardware properly if the outage will last longer than the battery supply.

Protect the Environment Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

IT Support Guys supports smart e-recycling initiatives, we encourage businesses of all sizes to donate technology using one of the above charities or at the very least, properly recycle inoperable electronic waste. Remember: Always wipe and remove any data stored on your hard drive before recycling to protect your company’s sensitive information and client data.

Multiple pieces of hardware being recycled at a Tampa Bay technology recycling site.

Here are a few waste recycling centers located in Tampa:

5630 E Powhatan Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

(813) 512-6998

100 Ashley Dr S #600, Tampa, FL 33602

(813) 397-3638

1102 N Rome Ave, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 886-1494

Technology and Education Intersect in Tampa

The Tampa Bay region continues to transform into an attractive environment for innovation. With a growing number of technology companies flocking to the Tampa Bay Area, and a trending startup scene, it’s no surprise that Tampa Bay was named one of the top 40 U.S cities for entrepreneurs by Business.org.  

Tampa Bay is also home to some amazing universities that produce ambitious, talented and tech-savvy. Here are our top picks for universities if you’re looking to get into the tech space:

University of South Florida

Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, the University of South Florida is the nation’s fastest-rising university, with over 50,000 students across 14 colleges. Undergraduates can choose from over 180 majors and concentrations, including Information Technology, Computer Science Computer Engineering, and Cybersecurity.

University of Tampa

Understood for scholastic excellence, personal attention and real-world experience in its undergraduate and graduate programs, University of Tampa students originate from 50 states and 132 countries. There are more than 200 programs of study, consisting of 16 master’s degree programs, one doctorate and various study abroad opportunities. From its modest beginnings in Plant Hall, UT boasts a $300 million yearly income and a $1 billion approximated yearly economic effect.

Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University is the state’s latest and most innovative university, engineered from the ground up to push the limits of education in science, innovation, engineering, and math (STEM). Found in Lakeland, the heart of Florida’s High-Tech Corridor, Florida Poly provides advanced degree programs that prepare graduates to take on today’s fastest-growing fields such including big data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, computer programing, and information technology.

Eckerd College

Eckerd College is located on 188 acres of waterfront residential or commercial property in St. Petersburg, Florida. A personal, coeducational, liberal arts college, Eckerd offers trainees with every background, belief, and personality type a close and friendly neighborhood that values volunteer service, environmental advocacy, global knowing, imaginative self-expression, and scholastic quality. Eckerd’s 1,970 trainees from 47 states and territories and 40 countries pick among 41 majors leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees including computer science and information technology.

If you’ve recently graduated and majored in Computer Science, reach out to IT Support Guys using our careers page. We support our local graduates!

Top Tips for Hiring a Managed ITService Provider in Tampa

As businesses recognize that maintaining their IT infrastructure is more difficult than their internal resources can handle, they are moving towards hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Outsourcing IT shifts the responsibility of IT management into the hands of a team of specialists. With many MSPs in Tampa to pick from, selecting the best company can be a tiring procedure. Here are six questions to ask your existing or prospective MSP.

  • 1. How Will Your Managed IT Services Improve Our Day-to-Day Operations?

    Consider their reaction to this concern as an essential element of your decision-making process. Your MSP should make operations smoother by reducing or eliminating downtime, supplying the best software application for your service, managing data storage, and preventing cyber attacks.

  • 2. Can You Share Tampa References We Can Speak With?

    Speaking to active clients of an MSP will help you understand the quality of service they provide, how they communicate and meet or exceed expectations. If an MSP is unwilling to provide current or past references, this is a sign that your team should run, not walk away, from the service provider. Be sure to use this opportunity to ask current customers about their overall customer experience, the MSPs responsiveness, proactive maintenance, and ability to communicate effectively from frontline workers to the C-Suite.

  • 3. Do You Provide 24x7x365 Assistance?

    The response to this question ought to be yes. Having help-desk support year-round is essential since emergencies often happen without any notice. Virtually every reputable IT support company will have staff available every day of the year, including major holidays.

  • 4. How Does Your Service Enhance Collaboration?

    To find the best Managed Service Providers in Tampa, this question will help narrow down the options. With better innovation and collaboration tools available, your IT provider must have a clear strategy that enables employees to work more effectively together while building an open digital culture.

  • 5. How Does Monthly Billing Work?

    Managed Service Providers operate using a predictable fixed-fee pricing model. After meeting with an MSP, you should have a clear understanding of what they charge per device, user, and/or services. The last thing anyone wants is an unexpectedly large bill after an IT emergency. Be sure to ask if the Tampa MSP offers unlimited IT support and what their Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines as part of your proposed IT service plan.

  • 6. How Do You Measure Customer Satisfaction?

    Any IT support provider worth their salt will have clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to monitor customer satisfaction. These performance metrics extend across each business unit, from monitoring the help desk’s average response times, time to resolution, first-time fix percentage, outstanding tickets and SLA response times, to name a few.

    IT Support Guys displays our monthly metrics on our homepage because we believe that transparency and trust are key to earning your business each month.

    Regardless of who you decide to work with – it’s important that your team cross-examines reputable managed service providers in Tampa. Some of our best clients were burnt by a less than adequate service providers in the past. If the company you are speaking with seems secretive or reluctant to offer you in-depth responses, then they are probably not an excellent fit, let alone a great service provider.

Tampa IT Support Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you still have a question, give us a quick call.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an IT support company that augments and becomes your dedicated IT department to proactively manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems remotely, with a clear Service Level Agreements on a monthly subscription model.

Co-managed IT services are designed to support businesses that already have an IT department or in-house IT support staff. With co-managed IT services, businesses will often outsource their help desk and end-user support activities to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) so that their internal resources can focus on higher-level, more strategic initiatives.

Alternatively, organizations with an IT department who are fully capable of handling the day-to-day tasks may require external expertise for more complex projects. These projects are usually designed to improve the company’s overall IT strategy, like infrastructure upgrades, migrations, or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

Co-managed IT services enable every company quick access to IT professionals without budgeting to hire multiple technicians at different skill levels.

The average hourly rate for IT services in Tampa, Florida, ranges between $125 to $225 without a managed service contract. Emergency support can easily double the rate, with many service providers charging upwards of $250 – $300 per hour for an immediate dispatch.

There are three types of contracts when you work with a third-party IT service provider, typically these include break/fix hourly rates, a managed IT services agreement, or pre-paid hourly block contracts.

Break/fix IT support means that the service provider is called to resolve an issue, as needed, on a set hourly rate. Break/fix may be cheaper in the short-term; however, these service providers only make money when your business has IT-related problems so there is little incentive to provide proactive or preemptive maintenance.

Companies with a managed IT services agreement pay a predictable monthly rate to gain access to a team of experienced information technology professionals from front-line help desk support for resetting passwords to quarterly IT roadmap reviews with a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer. Our managed IT service plans include unlimited tech support, with this model, the MSP is only profitable when your team has zero issues or downtime so it’s in the best interest of both parties to ensure a proactive approach to solving your technology issues effectively.

While less common today since more and more IT service providers are transitioning to managed service agreements, some IT support companies allow customers to pay in advance for a set number of hours that can be used to fix IT problems as needed. A prepaid hourly block contract will always have a lower hourly rate than a break/fix contract.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to answer whether or not a small business should outsource their IT support; however, working with a managed IT service provider typically costs less than hiring one experienced full-time IT Manager.

According to Payscale, the salary range for an IT Manager is between $63,300 – $138,000. If a business is only looking for an IT Support Technician in Tampa, data from Glassdoor indicates that the average base pay is $51,016 per year.

Managed Services are a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses to gain access to a fully-staffed IT department with varying degrees of specialization across telecommunications, server management, end-user support (troubleshooting employee computers), cloud architecture, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure planning, and database management.