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Access Documents from Anywhere. Share Files Securely. Manage Permissions with Ease.

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of 1,000 employees surveyed state locating documents is a broken process within their organization.


the average amount of a workweek employees spend looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues to gain insights.

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Share Files from Any
Device with Anyone

Risking your data with unsecure file sharing solutions is not a liability you should take on. You need a secure way to share files and collaborate with partners – without losing control over your IT system.

Shoddy document management is responsible for huge productivity losses every single day. Lost files, missing data, and other sharing issues contribute to a vast amount of inefficiencies for companies of all sizes.

At IT Support Guys, we offer secure file sharing with clients that’s visible, personalized, and compliant with all the newest data regulations. Our goal is to help you easily share documents, data, and information with trusted contacts from anywhere at any time.

A business owner leverage file sharing solutions that enable him to work from anywhere like between flights.
A cloud security solution specialist monitors an organization’s cloud deployments on three monitors with server racks seen in the background.

Minimize Risks with
Modern Security Measures

We’re long past the point of trusting the security of files shared via outdated email servers and messaging applications. With people working from a variety of different networks and devices, you need a secure file sharing method that can keep up with modern risks and cyber threats.

Keep your files secure with encrypted messaging, password-protected links, access control, permission governance, and smart reporting with audits.

IT Support Guys will even train your employees to use cutting-edge processes of file sharing and ensure that everyone understands the latest security risks and procedures.

With better sharing capabilities and a highly trained team, everything is easier!

Benefits of Cloud-Based File Sharing

An IT engineer installs a new Dell business server within a server room.

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