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50 – 75%

the average amount a business can save when switching from landline services to VoIP.


of IT leaders will cease purchasing on-premise communication tools by the end of 2021.

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VoIP Business Phone Systems

You’ve updated most of your office over the years, but what about your telephone system? Relying on outdated calling technology is costly and inefficient – not to mention frustrating.

IT Support Guys business VoIP phone service offers the next-generation level of telephone and collaborative solutions to help your thrive.

Forget dropped calls, garbled voice messages, or malfunctioning lines – this is the phone system of the future!

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Why Managed VoIP services?

Businesses need a dedicated VoIP specialist who understands their unique IT infrastructure to manage security, carry out proper integrations, and ensure you consistently deliver optimal Quality of Service (QoS) for exceptional call clarity.

With our managed VoIP services, you’ll receive hands-on support from the initial installation and beyond to ensure smooth, sustainable end-to-end connections. 

IT Support Guys installs industry-leading Polycom phones that are compatible with continued customization and support for years to come.

We provision your numbers, port existing numbers, and train your staff, as well as customize your IVR menus, greetings, and mailboxes.

The Story of Our VoIP services

We’ll be honest with you – IT Support Guys didn’t originally sell managed VoIP services.

None of our vendors could deliver the proper level of security, ease-of-use, integration, and voice clarity that we deemed acceptable for our team. 

After years of frustration, we decided to build our VoIP phone system in-house by combining the best-in-class hardware (Polycom) and secure open-source technology to produce a highly-customizable VoIP system that prioritizes quality over shiny features.

It wasn’t until we shared our solution with a 53-member law firm – and received incredible feedback – that we decided to release it to our customers. What’s the moral of this story?

You can trust that the technology we offer, is tried and tested in-house first and we only provide services that our teams would use.

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Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

A colorful isometric illustration displaying the benefits of modern managed voip solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

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Managed VoIP for Small Business Features

A Business Phone System That Works – 100% Client Retention

100% Customer Satisfaction & Reliability

Since introducing our Managed VoIP service, we’ve never had a customer cancel. Many customers have switched from the biggest names without looking back.

Fully Managed and Customizable

Unlike other vendors, we customize your phone system from the ground up. From holiday greetings to call routing, we handle all your support needs and training at no additional cost.

Dedicated Virtual Server

We configure a dedicated virtual server that hosts your PBX, which guarantees your voice traffic is prioritized for exceptional call quality. Avoid embarrassing bad connections.

Voicemail by Email

Voicemail retrieval made easy. Our partners love that every voicemail is transcribed via email. Read your voicemails on the go and never worry about losing an important message.


Case Study

Insurance Law Firm

Learn how we helped one insurance law firm save over $14,680 in prevented downtime during the first year with proactive managed IT support.

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