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Harness the Power of Digital Communication with Better Collaboration Tools

A frustrated male employee speaks on a business phone with a colleague regarding a missed deadline and the lack of collaboration which cause workplace failures.


of employees cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.


of employees prefer an open, honest and collaborative workplace.

A diverse team of seven employees participate in an engaging company brief meeting, colleagues are joking with each other and enjoying the open and transparent communication

We Make Communication More Productive

Today’s workplace runs on teamwork.

When communication fails, valuable ideas and conversations are lost – making it nearly impossible to run a successful business.

IT Support Guys offers video conferencing services and a wide range of communication solutions to maximize your collaborative bandwidth. Our experts provide industry-leading solutions and 24/7 support – via the web or telephone.

View of a business woman talking to her colleagues about a client deliverable in a video conference. Multiethnic business team using laptop for an online meeting in video call. Group of businessmen and businesswomen are leveraging conferencing solutions to improve collaboration across distributed office locations.
Improve Culture with Better Collaboration & Engagement

Improve Culture with Better Collaboration & Engagement

Poor collaboration and engagement often lead to project failure, missed deadlines, and cultural deterioration.

The ability to meet deadlines is only the tip of the iceberg in a successful collaboration and communications strategy. The underlying goal is to keep talent engaged – which equates to happy, productive, and motivated employees that stick around!

Armed with a variety of time-tested cloud collaboration tools – from Microsoft Teams to Zoom and Google Workspace – IT Support Guys will help you facilitate an open digital workplace where every employee can be heard and add value to your business.

Reduce Your Costs While Encouraging Meaningful Collaboration

Manage the cost of your business communications more effectively with professional collaboration and conferencing services.

IT Support Guys will provide every member of your organization with proper audio conferencing and web conferencing services – without breaking your budget. All of our solutions are built around the specific needs of your business, including your fiscal requirements and organizational capabilities.

A handsome businessman communicates and collaborates with colleagues while working remote using Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Collaboration Solutions by IT Support Guys

3D company and employee engagement concept illustration of a gauge with the needle pointing to greater than 200 percent to represent how greater collaboration leads to more engaged employees.

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SharePoint enables your company to easily distribute and manage content – without having to juggle between different apps.

This program offers a dynamic atmosphere where teams can share knowledge, files, data, news, and other resources in a centralized location. Regardless of where employees are located – or which devices they are using


Teams makes collaboration in the workplace more inclusive, effective, and secure. The


Automatically update and save notes from all of your conferences with OneNote, 


Our voice conferencing services ensure that your Polycom phones experience smooth calls


Create an open digital culture by enabling your employees to engage, connect, and share


Access your Microsoft Office 365 files from anywhere, anytime with OneDrive. IT Support Guys


As one of the best online meeting collaboration tools, Zoom is our personal go-to


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