Email Security Services

Guard Your Email Against Hackers, Spam, and Viruses


of malicious payloads that resulted in a data breach were delivered via email.


of cybersecurity breaches were the result of human error.

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Shield Your Inbox.
Protect Your Data.

Your inbox is the gateway to your business – don’t leave the door wide open.

Over 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. Scarier yet is the fact that 62 percent of phishing simulations capture at least one user’s credentials. Security is now a top priority for everyone – from the average consumer to the biggest enterprises.

Inadequate email security measures will inevitably lead to a breach sooner or later. IT Support Guys’ email security services grant you protection from ransomware, malware, phishing attempts, and other email threats.

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Managed Email Security -
Stop Threats Before They Enter

Managed email security solutions from IT Support Guys gives your team enterprise-grade business email security – without an enterprise price tag.

IT Support Guys’ inbound filtering quickly sanitizes every email before it’s delivered to protect your team from email-borne threats. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, we provide the best possible level of protection.

Learn how we eliminate more than 99 percent of spam without sacrificing performance.

Rapid Incident Response
& Threat Insights

Did you know that up to 94 percent of breaches are caused by phishing attacks and other email-based attacks? Cybercriminals often use your email services as a method to gain access to your data.

Unfortunately, it can take months for a business to realize that their defenses have been breached.

It’s impossible to defend your email service from every single threat. When that malicious email inevitably lands in your inbox, you need immediate defenses to launch into action. A slow response to a dangerous email can result in serious damage.

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Business Email Protection Tailored to Your Industry

IT Support Guys offers more than corporate email security for businesses. Our experts also tailor your email protection to align with the requirements of your industry!

Whether you need:

We have you covered. Email security in computer networks should include a comprehensive spam filter and solid data protection – regardless of the industry.

How We Protect Your Workforce’s Email Content

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Get Your IT Survival Guide

The IT landscape is rapidly evolving, but we’re here to help. Stay current with the best insights, resources and best practices to keep your business flowing with our IT Survival Guide.

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Email Security for
Compliance & Retention

It’s not just smart to retain your business emails. It’s required in the event of a lawsuit.

Archiving of emails is a requirement for any company that wants to protect itself against lawsuits. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) civil suit legal guidelines can require any company to produce email records from up to seven years ago.

In this day and age, compliant security and data retention practices are non-negotiable.

We’ll ensure your cloud email services complies with government and legal regulatory obligations related to email security and data retention.

Benefits of IT Support Guys’ Email Security
& Spam Filtering Technology

Stop Malware and Viruses

We leverage an advanced email security gateway that quickly filters and sanitizes each email before it reaches your inbox to eliminate email-borne threats. With email, a strong defense is the best offense.

Eliminate Spam

We hate spam as much as you do! That’s why over years of testing, tweaking, and updating configurations, our clients enjoy 99% spam prevention rates. Start winning the battle for your inbox.

Prevent Domain Spoofing

We’ll help you take control of your domain’s sender reputation and security by implementing DKIM and DMARC policies. These email authentication protocols protect your domain from unauthorized use and spoofing.

Improve Employee Productivity

An estimated 55% of the 306.4 billion emails sent each day are spam, that’s 168.3 billion unnecessary distractions. We’ll help you block spam before it has an opportunity to sidetrack employees.

Protect Your Data and Maintain Email Archiving Compliance

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect your data from accidental or intentional deletion with a cloud-based backup of every email and file. Our data loss and data leak prevention technology will keep your sensitive data safe.

Email Archiving for Compliance

Did you know that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) requires all businesses to retain emails? The FRCP governs the collection of electronically stored documents, including email as evidence in civil suits and requires organizations of all sizes to maintain accessible email archives.


Case Study

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