Managed SIEM Incident Response Services

Analyze Your Threats. Guard Against Data Breaches. Respond to Incidents Immediately.
Network administrator and security professional runs a diagnostic on a server and remediates security vulnerabilities of critical patches to prevent online threats from compromising the network.


of SMBs lack personnel to effectively mitigate their cyber risks and defend against a cyberattack.


percent of companies surveyed partner with a managed security services provider to support their IT security functions.
Two managed services security specialists review a network assessment within their SOC office.

What Is Managed SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a solution that combines and analyzes activity from different sources across your entire IT infrastructure. IT Support Guys will discover trends, detect insider threats or potential cyberattacks, and investigate cybersecurity alerts.

Our endpoint security and monitoring services help to protect the IT infrastructure of your company. Whether we’re defending against threats, setting up employee monitoring applications, or protecting sensitive information, our SIEM approach is crucial to a safe and secure business.

A security specialist reviews event logs of security information event management software.
A senior network and server administrator is working on a laptop within a server room.

Real-Time Threat Detection and Incident Response

SIEM services provide full visibility and control over your network enabling faster incident response times. Our real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that you always know what’s going on in your networks – as well as with your data.

Fast incident response time is a key component of security intelligence and cybercrime prevention. Any abnormalities or potential threats are identified immediately and quickly remediated.

When your business experiences a security breach, you can’t just sit and wait for a specialist to respond. We’ll handle the incident immediately to minimize losses.

Identifying Advanced Threats Before They Cause Damage

Proactively prevent threats from appearing in the first place.

Our managed SIEM solution identifies the symptoms of threats early on, then uses machine learning and log analysis tools to prevent the situation from escalating.

Our team will conduct a vulnerability assessment for your business and create an effective incident response plan. Move beyond reactive procedures and becoming proactive in securing your network against threats from every angle.

We’re firm believers that vulnerability assessments are the foundation of good cybersecurity – which is why we offer them alongside our SIEM benefits.

A side shot of a female cybersecurity professional responding to a security event for a managed services client. Complex and technical data can be seen on screen.
A security consultant discusses how security information and event management tools help medical organizations remain HIPAA compliant to protect brand image and prevent costly audits from violations.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified With SIEM

What do HIPAA, FEDRAMP, PCI DSS, and other compliance mandates have in common? They each require detailed event monitoring, user activity tracking like access reports, and security incident tracking to detect and notify IT when a data breach occurs.

Managed SIEM services monitor, audit, and generate compliance reports on demand to prove security requirements compliance.

An effective managed SIEM solution will automatically detect unauthorized access and sharing of electronic protected health information (ePHI), government ID numbers, credit card numbers, and more to ensure your business sustains compliance for regulated data.

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Tailor SIEM Reporting to
Your Particular Business

At IT Support Guys, we make our SIEM programs flexible so that you can identify threats and protect your IT.

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) of Azure’s Sentinel to accelerate proactive threat detection and gain a birds-eye view across your entire company – on-premise or in the cloud.

Our incident response services are an all-in-one security solution – but we understand that different businesses have different requirements.

IT Support Guys’ security experts collect and correlate the log data you need to affirm compliance then generate the compliance reports pertinent to your industry.


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